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What is Wellness Inventory Management System (WIMS)?
WIMS is a technology oriented health check up and management system designed to provide Sustainable Optimum Health for those who believe that health is the most important wealth.

We all believe that if there is no disease, we are healthy. But WHO clearly states that Health is not mere absence of disease.

Life style diseases or degenerative disorders like Diabetes, Cancer, Coronary Artery Diseases, High Blood Pressure etc doesn’t manifest on one fine day. It must have taken months and years for these diseases to manifest after it started developing inside the body. Once it manifests we are slaves to these diseases and we need to serve them through medication and other treatments. On servicing these disorders, we lose our physical fitness, mental stability, productivity at work and quality of life. These conditions can fetch us into financial liabilities also.
The only option is to take charge of your health. If you want to take charge of your health you need to know the inventory; what you have, what you don’t have, what is to be added, what all need to be thrown out. Hence after a decade of research and hands on experience with tens and thousands of people, Wellness Solutions PLC introduces ‘Wellness Inventory Management System,’ (WIMS) where our Wellness Management Experts help you to take stock of your present health conditions and scientifically forecast the possible and probable health challenges in the future.

The highly scientific and proven Metabolic Profiling we follow (already more than 20000 people have undergone this), provides not only the current quantitative and qualitative medical and diagnostic information, but also the projection about the future and the possible and probable health challenges. This methodology paves way for a better prognostic index compared to the normal diagnosis and consultation.
How is WIMS different from a Normal Health Check Up?

WIMS is not a Normal Health Check Up
Normal Health Check Ups based on quantitative analysis (blood/urine sampling, ECG etc) are indicators, but can provide only a ‘moment in time’ health condition.  This may not hold true in the next moment as the bio-chemical composition in your body changes every second!  Mind you, there are one trillion bio-chemical reactions happening within every cell in your body every second.  The following facts challenge the accuracy of the diagnosis:

  • All the quantitative parameters cover a range.  (Blood Pressure of 70 to 100 is normal!).  But even the range may vary from person to person as every person has a unique bio-chemistry
  • Every person got a unique ‘Bio-chemical Individuality.’ An abnormal quantitative parameter for one person may be absolutely normal for another person.
  • No quantitative parameters are conclusive.  Just by seeing the fasting Blood sugar level at 120 mg/dl, you cannot conclude that you are diabetic! 

Our doctors and scientific team have acquired the expertise to correlate the various quantitative parameters along with the various qualitative parameters derived through a Proprietary ‘Metabolic Profiling’ to provide a detailed diagnostic report with a prognostic protocol to provide sustainable health.
WIMS is developed on the firm understanding that “ As Your Lifestyle, bio-chemistry and environment are correlated, a proper health diagnosis can be done only by analyzing all these various factors and then correlating these factors using a scientific protocol.”

What are my benefits of having WIMS?
  • Free unlimited access to WOL portal to update yourself with latest information in health and wellness.
  • You have the option to choose from a number of Wellness Practitioners registered with WOL portal, be it a music therapist or a yoga expert
  • Can track and monitor your wellness inventory on a regular basis
  • Digital Health Repository – You can upload, store and access all your previous and future health reports, not just the WIMS report
  • Follow up mails and messages for check ups and health assessments
  • Online consultation with doctors of Wellness Solutions PLC
  • Special discounts for you and your family at various hospitals which are tied up with WOL
  • Further tests at our partner diagnostic center at subsidized rates.
  • Special discounts at our WOL stores. 
  • A complete wellness planner for setting and monitoring your health and fitness goals.
How can I have my WIMS?


  • You need to register with WIMS by making the Fee for the package.
  • On registering you are allocated a ‘Personalised WIMS,’ which is your personalized health portal.
  • Investigation using Blood Sampling.  No need to go to a clinic or hospital, our diagnosis partner will be at your door steps to collect the samples
  • Online submission of Metabolic Profiling questionnaires.  These are time tested questionnaires which are developed by Wellness Solutions PLC over a decade long practice
  • Diagnosis of the reports by our Doctors’ team comprising of experiences doctors from Modern Medicine, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine
  • Diagnostic report with Doctor’s advice and recommendations and a Prognosis report will be posted in your personal WIMS
  • If further investigations needed, reference letter will be issued to the nearby hospital, which is tied up with WOL.
  • Follow Up and Progress Check for 90 days.  During the next 90 days you will go through diagnosis every 30days and your WIMS will be posted with the Prognosis Reports
What is the Credibility of WIMS?

Wellness Solutions PLC is a pioneer organization in the Preventive Health and Wellness Management.  Started in 2003 under the leadership of Dr A Sreekumar, MBBS DLO MACNEM. Wellness Solutions has successfully provided medical care to more than 500000 people in the last one decade. A new experience in health care is provided by converging the various streams of medicines; Ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy, yoga, modern medicine and nutritional medicine. The medical team at Wellness Solutions comprises of expert doctors from all these various streams of medicine and hence the clients/patients experience a holistic approach. 
In addition to the Main Wellness Centre at Cochin, Kerala, Wellness Solutions has branches and franchisees at Kolkota, Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Trissur and Trivandrum.
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